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Greenhill saves its bankers 6h+ per month building presentations

How Greenhill, a leading independent investment bank, ensures brand compliance and boosts productivity with UpSlide.


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Ensure their teams are brand compliant, through the easy access of standardized materials and automated templates.

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UpSlide has streamlined our daily actions in Microsoft Office. Whether it be making sure content is consistent or increasing productivity, there’s a lot that UpSlide can be thanked for.

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Greenhill is a market-leading investment bank. For over 25 years, they have focused on providing financial advice on significant mergers, acquisitions, restructurings, financings and capital raising to corporations, partnerships, institutions and governments. Greenhill’s independence, experience, expertise, and discretion allow them to provide the highest quality service.


Their dedicated teams produce multiple presentations daily, providing valuable insights for their clients around the globe.

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We’ve made a push to standardize our templates globally. Without UpSlide, I don’t believe that would have been possible. The tools we had before were extremely segmented, and implementing standardization would have been a huge challenge.

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The Greenhill team were heavily focused on maintaining brand compliance. Their analysts would spend hours searching for compliant content.


To help with that process, they had an internally developed add-in, however, it was becoming difficult to maintain. That’s where UpSlide came in.


They not only recognized UpSlide as being a tool to help maintain brand compliance, but they also found it to be “lightyears ahead” of their previous add-in, with features to increase uniformity and productivity across teams.

The UpSlide project

The project started in 2017, with the UpSlide team building out a set of templates for Greenhill so that their presentations would be brand-compliant, firm-wide. Alongside this, their 180+ users were fully onboarded, receiving customized training from UpSlide’s expert consultants.


Since then, UpSlide has supported Greenhill through regular usage review meetings and ongoing assistance from our in-house support team.

“On the few occasions when I’ve needed a reminder of how to use a certain feature, the UpSlide support team have been highly responsive and resolved my query very quickly.”

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Working with UpSlide’s Client Solutions team on our PowerPoint templates has been fantastic. They are always extremely responsive and have solutions within a few hours. Their dedicated support has been crucial to us, as the projects we’re working on are extremely time-sensitive.



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“Before UpSlide, an analyst would have to update all page numbers or display reminders. A vice president would then need to go back and check their work. With UpSlide, however, we’re able to update all of that content in one click with the Table of Contents feature.”


“Our standard materials were a burden to find and update before. Having the Library now allows us to have uniformity within our materials – we can easily make sure that our analysts and associates are using the right versions.”


Along with the automated templates, Slide Check makes our job a lot easier when finalizing decks, as it checks and fixes top issues noticed by seniors.”

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