Slide Check

Audit and correct your presentation with a single click. Identify errors such as typos, incorrect fonts, misaligned shapes and empty placeholders and fix them with ease.


Dramatically reduce proofing time and guarantee every error is identified

Brand consistency

Ensure your documents are perfectly formatted and on-brand before you hit ‘send’


Guarantee you are always using up-to-date content in your presentations

Ensure documents are aesthetically perfect

Slide Check reviews your document to make sure the slides are up-to-date and the layout is flawless. Need a last review before sending your presentation? Ensure the compliance of your content and correct typos just by clicking on the Slide Check button.

Correct misaligned shapes painlessly

Slide Check automatically fixes the misaligned shapes on your slides and ensures a faultless presentation in just a few seconds.

Identify outdated content and replace it instantly

Has a slide, shape or picture been updated in the Library? The Slide Check detects the outdated content previously inserted and prompts you to replace it. A secure way to make sure your presentation is always up-to-date!

Detect and correct typos and omissions

Slide Check identifies incorrect fonts and colors, double spaces, punctuation mistakes, and other typos such as empty placeholders. It reviews your whole presentation in seconds to make sure it’s perfect before you send it!

“Perfectly integrated into the Microsoft Office environment, UpSlide enabled us to save valuable time by automating part of the layout, while adapting to our corporate style guide.”

Oriane Benveniste Profichet
M&A Director, Cambon Partners


“UpSlide has saved time for everyone in the business and freed up capacity.

The marketing team is no longer bogged down with formatting and auditing slides; UpSlide’s Slide Check takes care of that for us in a fraction of the time.”

Samantha Cottle

Marketing Director, Clarksons

“UpSlide makes it easy to collaborate on international projects and ensure group-wide consistency.”

Théophile Redaud
M&A Senior Manager, Mazars

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