UpSlide for content enablement

Drive business growth with winning, on-brand documents

Optimize content workflows in Microsoft 365 so sales and consulting teams can instantly find quality, marketing-approved materials.

4.9/5 client satisfaction

98% renewal rate

98% renewal rate

Empower client-facing teams with UpSlide

Build better documents faster with the leading content management solution

Efficiently manage all corporate content within a centralized, in-app library

Add, update and remove templates, slides, images and other materials, then distribute the changes to global teams within seconds to ensure they always use the latest content.

Retain control over content permissions, choosing whether to lock elements like legal disclaimers to ensure compliance.

Guarantee high quality by enabling teams to easily provide feedback

Enable client-facing teams to provide feedback on content via PowerPoint to ensure content remains optimal. 


Choose whether to issue the suggested changes to teams within seconds, enabling everyone in the business to access your best quality content.

Say goodbye to teams sending off-brand, out-of-date materials to clients

Strengthen brand reputation by making it easy for everyone in the business to produce brand-compliant, homogenous documents, regardless of their department or geography.

Eliminate outdated, inefficient workflows when creating documents

Remove the hours spent searching for relevant content in folders or waiting for colleagues to respond to emails.


Empower teams to build better proposals and reports more easily, with instant access to the latest and greatest materials. 

Empower teams to deliver on-brand, impactful emails with Outlook Signature Manager

Trusted by financial and professional services teams for over a decade​

Trusted by financial and professional services teams for over a decade

Best-in-class technical support

Our in-house support team is always on hand to provide technical assistance to you and your users; 80% of tickets are responded to in under an hour. 

In-house adoption experts

Our global in-house change and project management team will guide you through every step of your UpSlide project and ensure high adoption and ROI.

Enterprise-level security

UpSlide completely integrates with your infrastructure, enabling you to keep full control of your access rights and content storage.

Industry-focused innovation

We are always eager to explore how new technology could help our clients and we work alongside them to develop intuitive features tailored to their needs. 

Optimize content workflows across your entire business.