Singer Capital Markets maintains brand consistency with UpSlide

How UpSlide helped Singer Capital Markets rebrand all client-facing deliverables to achieve long-term brand consistency.




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To refresh and modernize their brand identity and launch it effectively across the business. Long-term, their aim was to help teams produce more impactful, homogenous client deliverables in less time.

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Joanna Osborne, Singer Capital Markets

Joanna Osborne

Head of Marketing


After their merger in 2012, Singer Capital Markets had a big problem maintaining brand consistency across their client-facing materials. Pitch decks varied across teams and bankers, making it challenging for the marketing team to ensure homogeneity.


They sought a partner who could help facilitate their rebrand and provide a tool to help them ensure adoption of the new brand internally. They needed to provide teams across the business with easy access to the new, compliant materials to enable them to produce high-quality, branded documents faster and more autonomously.

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UpSlide helped ensure each stage of our rebrand was a success, from the initial design phase to post-launch adoption. The real cherry on top? They’ve allowed us to demonstrate the ROI of the rebrand through library usage statistics.

Joanna Osborne

Head of Marketing

3 step plan for a rebrand: design, rollout, adoption

The UpSlide project

“UpSlide’s design team helped us create our new visual identity, and then their Microsoft Office experts optimized and integrated our new PowerPoint templates into the tool. They then delivered multiple training sessions to onboard our teams with the UpSlide tool itself.


Since the brand launch, we’ve worked with UpSlide’s consultants to ensure our teams felt comfortable using the new materials and that they were highly adopted. This additional support is why UpSlide has been such a success for our business.”

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UpSlide is by far the best software that we’ve experienced; not only is it so user-friendly, but the sophistication of the software is far beyond what we’ve come across previously. It’s refreshing to use features that are so bespoke to financial services.

Joanna Osborne

Head of Marketing



“UpSlide integrated our newly branded content (slides, templates, images) into the Content Library ahead of our brand launch. This ensured that all teams could access and start implementing the new brand from day one.

It’s helped us achieve long-term brand consistency and increased the quality of documents produced.”


“Our bankers can now create accurate, impactful pitch decks in half the time.

The Excel to PowerPoint Link enables them to amend figures in an Excel spreadsheet and then update all linked tables and charts in PowerPoint with one click. This guaranteed accuracy is key when working in financial services.”


“UpSlide has enabled everyone in the business to work more efficiently. The tool has cut out so much wasted time, so now we can work on more projects.

Plus, the content our team produce is much more impactful, as we also have extra time to work on the strategy behind the decks.”

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