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UpSlide is the most premium document automation solution to boost productivity and brand consistency in Microsoft Office. Guarantee high adoption thanks to our intuitive UX, in-house support and finance-dedicated features.

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The all-in-one branding and productivity tool for Microsoft 365


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Up to 33hr

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Give your teams the tools to remain brand compliant

Guarantee brand consistency across all materials produced in Microsoft Office by:

Produce accurate reports by reliably linking all data points

Streamline document creation by linking Excel or Power BI data to your report. Safely and quickly refresh thousands of linked data points from within PowerPoint or Word.


Rest assured that your links won’t break, even when versioning, moving the source file, or changing table formats in PowerPoint.

A visual showing how to link data from PowerPoint to Excel with UpSlide.

Improve workflows with finance-dedicated features

Leverage finance-specific features developed alongside our clients to save even more time.

  • Source and insert up-to-date tombstones, case studies and bios into pitchbooks or proposals from within PowerPoint. Choose from multiple formats on demand
  • Save teams hours of time building, navigating and auditing financial models with our intuitive Excel Modeling Tools

UpSlide vs. Templafy

A comparison chart of UpSlide vs. Templafy, looking at the breakdown between features, support and expertise.

System and Organization Controls (SOC) 2

UpSlide’s SOC 2 information security audit reflects our commitment to the highest standards of security, availability, processing integrity and confidentiality.

A picture of our SOC 2 compliance blog
A picture of our SOC 2 compliance blog

Recommended by 850+ teams in 60+ countries

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98% renewal rate thanks to our expert support

Our in-house change and project management teams to plan and execute complex implementation and deployment projects.

Our internal support teams to provide technical assistance to you and your users; 80% of tickets are responded to in under an hour to avoid any disruptions to your workflow.

Ongoing support and usage reviews to monitor and identify opportunities to boost adoption and ROI.

What to consider before choosing a productivity tool

The type of work you do

UpSlide is an end-to-end branding and productivity solution that covers the full Microsoft 365 suite. If you’re a finance firm that wants to drive efficiency with our Dynamic Tombstone Library or Excel Modeling features, or a large corporate that wants to ensure brand consistency with our Content Library – we offer 65+ features to answer the needs of your entire business.

The viability of the software

Your teams will love using UpSlide from day one thanks to our:

  • Smooth UX that favours simplicity over complexity
  • User-friendly ribbon that’s integrated into your favourite Microsoft Office applications
  • Tailored training sessions
  • In-app, on-demand onboarding materials to boost adoption

The budget available

Are you prioritizing cheaper initial costs over long-term ROI and value from your software investment? If it’s the former – UpSlide might not be for you!


We’re a premium solution with advanced features and support, and our pricing reflects that. Our licenses are designed for teams from as small as five to upwards of 10,000, with different packages and volume discounts to suit your needs.

“UpSlide has become so important in our daily lives that we can’t even imagine how we would work without it.”

Firas Abou Merhi, Mazars
Firas Abou Merhi
Head of Financial Advisory Services France, Mazars

“UpSlide acts as an additional member of our marketing team – one that we can trust to guarantee that our global teams will produce brand-compliant, high-quality deliverables.”

A picture of Samantha Cottle from Clarksons
Samantha Cottle
Marketing Director, Clarksons


“It’s not just about the time saved; UpSlide allows us to maintain data integrity, as well as improve efficiency and consistency, thus making our lives easier.”

Alastair Richards, PKF Australia
Alastair Richards

Director, PKF

Boost productivity and create better documents with UpSlide