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Table of Contents • PowerPoint

Optimize your presentations with an automated PowerPoint table of contents. Add instant structure with PowerPoint breadcrumbs, section dividers, reminders and footers.

Boost productivity

Save hours manually building your Table of Contents in PowerPoint with intuitive automations.

Guarantee accuracy

Always have up-to-date section titles and pagination across your PowerPoint decks.

Maintain brand compliance

Uphold your company’s graphic charter in every section divider, breadcrumb, and footer.

Create a PowerPoint table of contents in one click

Insert an agenda slide, PowerPoint sections and subsections in one click.

Not only will your presentations be clear and structured, but they will also be perfectly customized to your company’s graphic charter.

Update multiple sections at once

When new sections are added to your presentation, or if any last-minute changes are made, instantly update all PowerPoint breadcrumbs, reminders, and table of contents numbers from your UpSlide ribbon.

Customize your PowerPoint table of contents for maximum clarity

Depending on your team’s needs, you can select whether to add or hide page numbers, footers, and breadcrumbs in your PowerPoint Table of Contents settings.  

How financial services use the Table of Contents

Updating pitchbook structure in one click

In pitchbooks and information memorandums, clarity is paramount. UpSlide’s PowerPoint Table of Contents allows bankers to add instant structure to these documents in one click using sections, subsections, and an agenda slide.

Building sleek, structured documents

Advisory firms use UpSlide’s PowerPoint Table of Contents to ensure easy navigation through their pitch decks, due diligence reports, and questionnaires.

Ensuring maximum clarity for clients

Asset managers use the PowerPoint Table of Contents to improve their clients’ experience by making their portfolio reports, fund reports and RFPs as clear as possible.

Guaranteeing excellent formatting

Private equity teams use the Table of Contents in PowerPoint to create well-formatted investment memorandums, fund reports, and due diligence reports to delight their clients.

Creating brand-compliant reports

UpSlide’s Table of Contents in PowerPoint is useful for all corporate teams that produce PowerPoint decks, ensuring that their reports, pitches, and presentations are all structured to the highest standard, per their corporate branding.

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Frequently asked questions

What occurs when a section is added to a presentation?

Native PowerPoint allows you to organize slides into sections by right-clicking between slides and choosing the “Add Section” button. This will then separate your deck into distinct sections.

With UpSlide, once a PowerPoint section is added to your presentation, it will automatically populate within your agenda slide. The agenda slide will update whenever you refresh all sections and subsections in PowerPoint. 

Under which tab and group can you find the control to add a section to a presentation?

Within native Microsoft 365, you can right-click between slides and select the “Add Section” button. This will then create a section within your deck.

With UpSlide, you can find the control to add a section to your presentation at the top-left of your UpSlide ribbon.

Can I get support on this feature?

Yes. With every UpSlide roll-out we offer a dedicated program of adoption training and support. We also publish technical guidelines for all of our features on our support site.

How does this compare to native Microsoft functionality?

PowerPoint offers a dynamic Table of Contents option within Microsoft 365, which includes a number of similar functionalities. However, all content generated within native Microsoft 365 will not be preset to your company’s graphic charter.


With UpSlide’s Table of Contents, you’ll retain full control over your presentation outline, section titles, numbering, and footers from a centralized pane, all while customized to fit your brand’s best-practice formatting.

How secure is UpSlide?

Leading financial firms trust UpSlide thanks to our stringent security measures. We successfully completed a System and Organization Controls (SOC) 2 Type II audit, reflecting our commitment to the highest standards of security, availability, processing integrity and confidentiality. 


We perform a security audit of our code before every release, use automated and manual testing to ensure each version meets strict quality and security standards, and integrate vulnerability management tightly within our development processes. UpSlide also integrates within your infrastructure, enabling you to keep full control of it. Even if you choose to use a cloud source for your library content, we still have zero visibility of your data. 


How much does UpSlide cost?

UpSlide prices depend on the number of licenses you require, the options you want and your setup model. If you want to know how much UpSlide would cost for you, please get in touch with us, and our team will be happy to give you a personalized quote.

Can I get an UpSlide trial?

As UpSlide is a completely customized solution, we tailor our technology to your unique needs and brand, so you get a high ROI. Therefore, we don’t typically offer free trials. However, we do recommend having a chat with one of our experts to discuss your challenges in Microsoft 365 to see how we can help you achieve your strategic goals.

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