Power BI to PowerPoint and Word Link

Accelerate report creation by refreshing Power BI data in one click from within PowerPoint
or Word.

Save time building reports

Speed up report creation and revision with intuitive automation tools.

Ensure data accuracy

Reduce the risk of human error by refreshing hundreds of data points in one click.

Improve overall quality

Free up time to focus on enhancing report analysis and ensuring
brand consistency.

Visual showing how to link data from Power BI to PowerPoint.

Quickly embed live Power BI data into your report

Import Power BI pages and visuals in one click without leaving PowerPoint or Word.



Leverage high-quality visuals without weighing down your presentations. Plus, exported visuals instead of dashboards make your report accessible to both internal teams and external clients.

Visual showing how to refresh your Power BI data from within PowerPoint in one click

Update all your data in one click

Say goodbye to manual, recurring data refreshes and disrupted workflows. 


Instantly refresh hundreds of data points in PowerPoint or Word with our unbreakable Power BI Link.

Visual showing how to edit Power BI slicer values from within PowerPoint to make recurring report creation easier.

Easily duplicate, edit and version recurring reports

Change slicer values on all or selected visuals with our user-friendly drop-down menu in PowerPoint or Word.


Duplicate entire reports for different portfolios or time frames simply by editing Power BI slicers, then refreshing the data presented in one click.  

How financial services use the Power BI to PowerPoint or Word Link

Picture showing refreshed data in a pitchbook

Refreshing pitchbook data

Investment banks frequently use the Power BI Link in their reporting workflows, to instantly update pitchbooks and proposals.

Picture showing data in a due diligence report

Building effective due diligence reports

Advisory firms use the Power BI Link more to export and refresh data within their due diligence reports, mostly operational cost tables, income statements, expenses.

They will change slicer values within PowerPoint to show data from different countries or time frames.

Picture showing how to export data in a portfolio report

Refreshing data in portfolio reports

Asset Management firms are gradually using the Power BI Link more frequently to streamline their reporting workflows, updating and refreshing data for different time periods or clients within their portfolio reports.

Picture showing refreshed data in an information memorandum

Embedding fund data into reports easier

Private Equity firms are exporting key fund data from Power BI directly to PowerPoint and Word.

They can update thousands of linked data points in seconds, without ever leaving your document.

Picture showing how to export and refresh data in monthly reports

Making recurring reports faster

The reporting team in global corporations use the Power BI Link with their monthly, recurring reports.


They conduct the entire data retrieval, transformation, and extraction process via UpSlide’s Power BI Link.

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Frequently asked questions

How does this compare to native Microsoft functionality?

We built UpSlide features to answer the needs of professionals working heavily in Microsoft 365. While Microsoft offers an array of brilliant native functionality, we offer more specialist features that are tailored to the finance industry.


Our Power BI Link is no different; it’s the most robust and user-friendly on the market. We work closely with our clients to ensure we build features that are easy-to-use and solve all their pain points

How secure is UpSlide?

Leading financial firms trust UpSlide thanks to our stringent security measures. We successfully completed a System and Organization Controls (SOC) 2 Type II audit, reflecting our commitment to the highest standards of security, availability, processing integrity and confidentiality. 


We perform a security audit of our code before every release, use automated and manual testing to ensure each version meets strict quality and security standards, and integrate vulnerability management tightly within our development processes. UpSlide also integrates within your infrastructure, enabling you to keep full control of it. Even if you choose to use a cloud source for your library content, we still have zero visibility of your data. 


How much does UpSlide cost?

UpSlide prices depend on the number of licenses you require, the options you want and your setup model. The Power BI Link is an optional module and isn’t part of our standard offer. If you want to know how much UpSlide would cost for you, please get in touch with us, and our team will be happy to give you a personalized quote.

Can I get an UpSlide trial?

As UpSlide is a completely customized solution, we tailor our technology to your unique needs and brand, so you get a high ROI. Therefore, we don’t typically offer free trials. However, we do recommend having a chat with one of our experts to discuss your challenges in Microsoft 365 to see how we can help you achieve your strategic goals.

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