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With 65+ features, UpSlide is the all-in-one solution for document automation in Microsoft Office. Discover some of our top features below, or talk to one of our team members to hear about all of them.

Top productivity features

Excel to Powerpoint feature icon

Excel to PowerPoint or Word Link

Link tables, charts or text in PowerPoint or Word to Excel files, and update in a single click.

Power BI to PowerPoint Link

Link visuals or pages from your Power BI report to PowerPoint and update them instantly.

Table of content feature icon

Table of Contents in PowerPoint

Automate summary, sections and appendices to structure your presentation.

Excel modeling tool feature icon

Excel Modeling Tools

Build, navigate, and review even the most complex financial models quickly and easily.

Top brand consistency features

Smart Format

Instantly apply company branding to tables and charts in Excel.

Formatting features icon

Formatting Features

Save countless clicks and build perfectly formatted slides.


Create stacked Waterfall, Marimekko charts and more, all in your company branding.

PowerPoint Slide Converter

The easiest way to convert slides and templates from one brand to another.

Outlook Signature Manager

Guarantee your entire business delivers on-brand, impactful emails.

Top content management features

Content library feature icon

Content Library

Give teams instant access to corporate documents, assets and templates, directly within Office.

Proposal Wizard feature icon

Proposal Wizard

Create custom proposals, with relevant slides, CVs and credentials, in a matter of clicks.

Dynamic Tombstone Library feature icon

Dynamic Tombstone Library

Insert perfectly formatted, up-to-date credentials into your pitchbooks and proposals.

Dynamic Bio Library feature icon

Dynamic Bio Library

Insert consistent, up-to-date bios into your pitchbooks and proposals

Slide Check

Audit and correct your presentation with a single click

Boost productivity and create better documents with UpSlide