Legal terms

Website property

The current website is the property of the company UpSlide, registered under number 791 925 753 on the Paris Trade and Companies Register, having its registered office at N°20, avenue de l’Opera, 75001 Paris. The website is hosted by OVH on its equipments.


User’s rights and duties

It is assumed that the website user has the skills and means necessary for accessing and using this website, and that he has confirmed that his computer setup is free of viruses and in good functioning order.


Usage of the website’s data

Users of this website are expected to respect the French law on information technology, files and right to privacy. Any violation of this legislation is punishable by law.

Users must not use other user information from this site for any type of mass collection, unrelated usage and, in general, any action which could violate users’ privacy and/or reputations.

The overall design, including software, texts, images (animated and still), sounds, knowledge, and all other elements that make up the site are the exclusive property of UpSlide

Any full or partial reproduction of this website, by any company, without the express authorization of UpSlide, is prohibited and would be considered as a counterfeit under articles L.335-2 and according to the French Intellectual Property Code. This also applies to the databases used by the website, which are protected by the French law of 1 July 1998, which transposes the European directive of 11 March 1996 relative to judicial protection of databases into the French Intellectual Property Code.

The brands used by UpSlide, as well as logos used on the site are registered. Any full or partial reproduction of these brands and/or logos from the website without the express authorization of UpSlide is thus prohibited, according to article L.713-2 of the French Intellectual Property Code.