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Sustainability at UpSlide

At UpSlide, we are committed to building a better future for our teams, clients, communities and the planet.

How we approach positive change

Pyramid's sustainability reports

UpSlide is part of Pyramid, a Group of three companies, including F31 and Institut des potentiels humains, sharing the same mission: helping people work better. Founded on the belief that companies should have a positive impact on the world around us, Pyramid has been working towards creating a more sustainable future every step of the way.

Making our workplace more sustainable

We believe every business should have a positive impact on the environment and we strive to continuously improve our environmental management practices.

We are committed to reducing each employee’s carbon footprint by 5% year-on-year and offsetting our remaining emissions.

We purchase computers with parts that can be replaced and repaired, extending their life cycle. We’re also working on improving our recycling rates with a new recycling system in our Paris office and company-wide awareness initiatives.

We’re proud to be a B Corporation, meeting high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability.

Giving back to our communities

We are committed to collaborating with organizations that strive to make the world a better place.

We value our team’s community involvement, and we offer a volunteering day initiative to all of our employees.


Since 2022, we have supported several charity projects, including Green City Force in New York, Les Restos du Coeur in Paris, London Play Design in London, and Willing Hearts in Singapore.

Our Discount Levels for Clients with Positive Impact Projects (DISCO Project) offers a 15% discount to clients who hold a B Corp label, and a 30% discount to international non-profit and public organizations.

Looking after our employees

Our teams are the most essential part of our organization, and their well-being and happiness are a key priority.

We believe in equality for both parents while recognizing that childbirth’s physical and emotional impact is different for each person.

This is why we’ve implemented several measures to ensure our team members have the flexibility and time to care for their children.

We provide regular training sessions, offer a global wellness package to subsidize our teams’ health and fitness activities, and support a hybrid work model with a home office budget.

We offer our teams a personal development budget to help them develop and progress in their careers. All of our new joiners also benefit from internal training on effective communication and feedback.

Providing equal compensation and representation for all employees is one of our priorities. In March 2024, we scored 93/100 on the Egapro index, which assesses the gender representation balance of all French companies of over 50 employees.

The next steps in our journey

Although we are pleased with our progress so far, what matters most to us is the journey. We remain humble, keep learning, and strive to improve every day to positively impact our people, clients, communities and the environment.

We will continue looking for different ways and initiatives to improve our positive impact and create durable prosperity for all.

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