Finance teams choose UpSlide over Macabacus

UpSlide is the most reliable productivity and branding add-in for Microsoft Office, enabling teams to build high-quality reports much faster.

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Intuitive features to help you create complex documents 50% faster


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Up to 33hr

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Build better reports with reliable, finance-dedicated features

Efficiently link your data within your reports with our unbreakable Excel to PowerPoint or Word Link. Save time by safely refreshing even thousands of data links in seconds.


Easily build or audit financial models with our intuitive Excel Modeling Tools that slot perfectly into your existing workflows.

Achieve brand consistency across all your company documents

Give your team the tools to create consistent, brand-compliant documents in Microsoft 365.


Provide access to all corporate materials (including formatted, up-to-date tombstones) from within PowerPoint. Plus, make structuring pitchbooks and reports easier with our automated, flexible Table of Contents.

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Guarantee high adoption and ROI

Your teams will love using UpSlide from day one thanks to our:

  • Smooth UX that favors simplicity over complexity 
  • Tailored training sessions
  • In-app, on-demand onboarding materials

Our dedicated in-house support team will continually work with you to ensure you see ROI from UpSlide – demonstrated in our 98% renewal rate.

This is the best all-in-one tool on the market for increasing productivity and enabling bankers to produce higher quality presentations more efficiently.

Claus Hansen-Damm

COO, BDA Partners

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UpSlide vs. Macabacus

A comparison table between UpSlide and Macabacus, looking at differences in features, support and expertise.

System and Organization Controls (SOC) 2

UpSlide’s SOC 2 information security audit reflects our commitment to the highest standards of security, availability, processing integrity and confidentiality.

A picture of our SOC 2 compliance blog
A picture of our SOC 2 compliance blog

What to consider before choosing a productivity tool

The type of work you do

If your teams work across the entire Microsoft Office suite, you’ll need a solution that integrates into all Microsoft applications, not just a few. UpSlide offers 65+ features in Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Power BI and Outlook to streamline teams’ workflows.

The support you’ll need

Will you need support with change management, onboarding and adoption? Can you guarantee any query will be resolved swiftly and appropriately? Adopting a new solution is only beneficial if your teams are confident using it.


UpSlide has a wide team of global, in-house experts and resources to support you every step of the way:

  • Change and project management team to plan and execute even the most complex implementation and deployment projects
  • Support team to provide technical assistance to you and your users; 80% of tickets are responded to in under an hour
  • Ongoing support and usage reviews to monitor and identity opportunities to boost adoption and ROI

The budget available

Are you prioritizing cheaper initial costs over long-term ROI and value from your software investment? If it’s the former – UpSlide might not be for you!


We’re a premium solution with advanced features and support, and our pricing reflects that. Our licenses are designed for teams from as small as five to upwards of 10,000, with different packages and volume discounts to suit your needs.

“UpSlide provided tailored training, an array of onboarding materials, and how-to articles to ensure we felt comfortable using the software from day one. It’s perfectly ingrained into our workflows; we can’t imagine life without it!”

A picture of Tim Miles, Director at Cushman & Wakefield
Tim Miles
National Director, Cushman & Wakefield

“This is the best experience I’ve had with a vendor so far. The UpSlide team were extremely helpful; the info we needed was readily available, and they gave fast, detailed explanations where necessary.”

A picture of Marcin, Application Analyst at UniCredit
Marcin Stefański
Application Analyst, UniCredit

“It’s not just about the time saved; UpSlide allows us to maintain data integrity, as well as improve efficiency and consistency, thus making our lives easier.”

Alastair Richards, PKF Australia
Alastair Richards

Director, PKF

Boost productivity and create better documents with UpSlide