UpSlide for reporting automation

Streamline report creation and tell more compelling stories with data

Efficiently create impactful, accurate reports in Microsoft 365. Eliminate manual data updates to free up time for better analysis.

G2 High Performer

98% renewal rate

98% renewal rate

Innovative businesses automate report creation with UpSlide

Cut report creation time in half with automation software

Efficiently prepare, clean and navigate Excel data

Perfecting the structure of a workbook, fixing errors and creating complex charts can take hours. UpSlide helps streamline valuation and market report creation.

Leverage intuitive modeling tools and shortcuts to build better quality, error-free financial models.

Present data as branded Stacked Waterfall or Marimekko in seconds.

Automatically apply pre-set company or client formatting, like cell colors, border width and fonts, to elements within Excel.

Guarantee report accuracy by easily exporting and refreshing data

Say goodbye to the error-prone, manual process of copy-pasting data into reports. UpSlide enables teams to easily export, refresh and optimize data.

Efficiently export data, version your report and update thousands of data points in seconds, thanks to UpSlide’s unbreakable link.

Duplicate entire reports for different portfolios or time frames simply by editing Power BI slicers or updating Excel links in PowerPoint.

Easily build reports with on-brand, embedded materials

Forget spending hours sourcing on-brand content and manually updating footnotes in your reports. UpSlide makes report creation easy. 

Embed automated, on-brand templates and styles across all Microsoft 365 applications so they always comply with brand guidelines.

Automatically structure reports in one click, ensuring the table of contents, sections and page numbers are instantly updated whenever changes occur.

Proof and perfect your reports in half the time

Put the time spent manually fine-tuning your documents to better use with UpSlide’s automated proofing tools.

Quickly identify and fix outdated content, non-compliant fonts and misaligned shapes to guarantee high-quality documents.

Finalize reports faster by cleaning up notes and comments on a deck in seconds, plus optimize the file size before sharing.

Discover how to link Power BI to PowerPoint

Learn how to efficiently import Power BI dashboards into your PowerPoint presentations with four methods explained step-by-step.

Trusted by financial and professional services teams for over a decade​

Trusted by financial and professional services teams for over a decade

Best-in-class technical support

Our in-house support team is always on hand to provide technical assistance to you and your users; 80% of tickets are responded to in under an hour. 

In-house adoption experts

Our global in-house change and project management team will guide you through every step of your UpSlide project and ensure high adoption and ROI.

Enterprise-level security

UpSlide completely integrates with your infrastructure, enabling you to keep full control of your access rights and content storage.

Industry-focused innovation

We are always eager to explore how new technology could help our clients and we work alongside them to develop intuitive features tailored to their needs. 

Use reporting automation to streamline workflows across your entire business.