Investment banking software 2024 report

Discover insights, common challenges, emerging trends, and actionable strategies for navigating software spending in investment banking.

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Navigate tech budget cuts amidst growing business requirements

Investment banking firms find themselves at a juncture. 

On one hand, firms that have embraced new technologies have seen significant improvements in performance and profitability. On the other, budget cuts and inefficiencies are looming large, with many firms squandering substantial portions of their software budgets on redundant and underutilized tools.

Our “Investment banking software 2024: challenges, trends and strategies” explores critical questions facing investment banks today, including:

Dive into the report to uncover actionable insights and strategies to help you make informed decisions and optimize your technology investments.

Webinar: Get ROI from your software strategy: insights from Lazard and Nomura

Find out how your investment banking peers are maximizing their SaaS spending this year; from choosing software that has the biggest impact on the bottom line to getting buy-in from the wider business.

Majhon Phillips, North America Professional Services Lead – UpSlide

Christina Maddy, Executive Director, Investment Banking Digital Innovation – Nomura

Ian Clark, Global Chief Technology Officer – Lazard

Ed Rassmussen, Global Executive Vice President – Williams Lea

Key report findings

Underused software drain investment banks' budget

Over two-thirds of respondents believe their firms are wasting over a quarter of their budget on underutilized and redundant tools.

Software investments aren’t slowing down

Every respondent is investing or will be investing in new software solutions over the next 12 months.

Procurement preferences are shifting

Building software in-house is no longer the preferred approach amongst investment banks, with over half of respondents saying they prefer buying.

Document automation and management is the top investment priority

With a growing focus on increasing efficiency within the business, document automation and management top the list of investment priorities for the majority of firms.

Effective adoption and change management are key for generating software value

Firms that find themselves dissipating over half of their budget identify the quality and quantity of internal training and effectiveness of change management as the primary culprits.

Pressure grows for investment banks to choose the right software provider

While there are some disparities between geographies, the one common attribute on the respondents’ vendor wish list is clear return on investment metrics.

Investment Banking Software 2024: Challenges, Trends and Strategies

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Research shows that the top factors hindering the value generated from investment banks’ software spending are poor training and adoption, ineffective change management, and substandard deployment processes.


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