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Campbell Lutyens creates consistent deliverables with UpSlide

How Campbell Lutyens, global and independent private capital advisor, improves productivity and consistency with UpSlide.





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To free up teams’ time to be spent on higher value work, whilst ensuring the quality and consistency of deliverables across the organization.

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The time we save with UpSlide can now be spent on adding value and quality in other places – and that is so valuable. It’s like the perfect concierge – working hard to take care of things behind the scenes.

Picture of Anthea Cumming, Campbell Lutyens

Anthea Cumming

Head of Creative Services


Campbell Lutyens are a global and independent private capital advisor who, for the last 30 years, have been specializing in raising private equity, infrastructure and private credit funds from institutional investors worldwide and advising on the secondary sale or restructuring of portfolios of direct or fund investments.


Their teams across the world produce large volumes of PowerPoint documents daily, striving to ensure each one is accurate, on-brand and impactful. This can be extremely time consuming, so in 2019 they turned to UpSlide to help them make this process more efficient, whilst guaranteeing high-quality, consistent deliverables.

Picture of Aakash Kotak, Campbell Lutyens
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UpSlide allows us to focus on the most important parts of our jobs. It runs seamlessly in the background and is intuitive to use.

UpSlide is so integrated into our processes now that you forget it’s even an add-in!

Aakash Kotak


Average monthly time saving: 26 hours


The main challenge was making it quicker and easier for teams to build quality PowerPoint documents. When building new presentations, teams would often need to email colleagues to uncover what content already existed, and where to find it. They would also struggle to locate editable versions of material, meaning they themselves – or the creative team – would need to rebuild it from scratch.


Another challenge was ensuring consistency. For example, without a central Tombstones library, the same one could be displayed differently from one pitch to the next, meaning external parties may see several variations.

The UpSlide project

The UpSlide team rolled out to 60 users across the organization, working closely with the teams at Campbell Lutyens to ensure the tool was customized to their needs and both administrators and users were fully trained and onboarded.


Since then the teams have met regularly to discuss ongoing usage: “The ongoing communication and support has been really good. The team prompt us to schedule our regular usage reviews.”

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The UpSlide team were patient, professional and easy to work with. 

They really listened to our needs, knew exactly what they were talking about and they made sure everything went very smoothly – they really impressed me!

Anthea Cumming

Head of Creative Services



Teams no longer waste time recreating content, such as charts, because they can’t find the original file – the Excel to PowerPoint Link is extremely robust and means we can make quick changes to the data and update our presentations in seconds.


Before UpSlide, everyone had their own process, so the deliverables were inconsistent. Now we’re all following a single process and using one central tool, documents are much more consistent.


The Shared Library means teams can now find up-to-date material swiftly – and make quick edits if needed. The creative team find it very easy to manage.

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