Stacked Waterfall or Marimekko charts in your company’s colors in one click, in Excel.


Stunning charts in one click. No more manual calculation in powerpoint shapes on top of existing charts


Guarantee your complex charts contain up-to-the-minute data and reduce the risk of manual error

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Brand consistency

Guarantee complex charts also fit your company’s branding, with no additional effort

Boost your productivity with a 2-in-1 charting tool

The Charts feature allows you to save time when generating and formatting your Bridge or Marimekko charts. Create beautifully, on-brand charts with just one click, and update them easily when required.

Create advanced charts in seconds

Simply choose your data range and select the most suitable chart formatThe Marimekko chart is a great way to present percentage data, but is usually tricky to create. The “Waterfall” or “Bridge” chart is perfect for showing variation. 


UpSlide’s little bit extra? It instantly detects your pillar columns.

Guarantee homogeneity

The chart format is already compliant with your company’s charter: use it on any and all of your documents across Excel, PowerPoint and Word. No more wasting time on formatting!

“Perfectly integrated to Microsoft Office environment, UpSlide enabled us to save valuable time by automating part of the layout, while adapting to our corporate style guide.”

Oriane Benveniste Profichet
M&A Director, Cambon Partners

“UpSlide is a powerful tool to create flawless documents with up-to-date data in record time. We use UpSlide in our day-to-day work to generate financial reports as well as our key internal presentations.”

Xavier Leroy

Investor Relations, Bolloré and Vivendi

Boost productivity and create better documents with UpSlide