PowerPoint Formatting Features

Format your PowerPoint presentations perfectly in a few clicks. Save hours spent applying brand formatting and aligning objects.


Apply one-click formatting to save time when producing documents


Easily use pre-set, customized formats such as bullet points and table styles


Ensure all documents are brand compliant and consistent

Smart Painter

Instantly apply the specific format of one element in your PowerPoint presentation to another. Resize, reformat and reposition visuals, shapes and icons within seconds.


Easily swap the position of two elements (objects or text) in your PowerPoint presentation. Choose between two repositioning options: center or top left-hand corner.


Save time by perfectly arranging and aligning your text boxes, icons and shapes on your slides within a few clicks.

Custom Bullets

Quickly apply pre-set bullet styles within a paragraph in PowerPoint. They’ll be customized to your organization’s graphic charter so you remain brand compliant.

Shapes and Table Styles

Instantly apply customized formatting to PowerPoint tables and shapes to ensure brand compliance. For one-click formatting in Excel, discover Smart Format.

“Teams are now producing brand compliant, homogenous documents, whilst still maintaining the freedom to customize their content within clear parameters.”

Jenna Gadhavi
National Marketing and Communications Senior Manager, FRP Advisory

“UpSlide has so many features that help me produce flawless, on-brand deliverables, whilst working more productively in Microsoft Office – Templates, Smart Painter and Arrange are just a few of these.”

Ignacio Iglesias de Ussel
IB Associate, Clearwater International

“The time we save with UpSlide can now be spent on adding value and quality in other places – and that is so valuable. It’s like the perfect concierge – working hard to take care of things behind the scenes.”

Anthea Cumming

Head of Creative Services, Campbell Lutyens

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