Dynamic Tombstone Library

Insert perfectly formatted, up-to-date tombstones into your pitchbooks and proposals, without leaving PowerPoint.


Search for the relevant deals and build tombstone slides in one click, directly in PowerPoint


Guarantee that teams are inserting up-to-date, brand-compliant tombstones into their slides


Showcase your deals in a variety of tombstone formats, such as case studies or simple logos

Easily access the correct tombstones for your pitchbook or proposal

Enable teams to filter and search for tombstone data according to specific criteria, within PowerPoint.


The dropdown filters can be personalized to perfectly suit the specifics of your company.


For teams regularly using the same tombstones in their pitchbooks, they can save their searches and source the content even faster.

Create tombstones in multiple formats, on demand

Choose which tombstone shape you’d like to present it as: be that a standard tombstone, complete case study or logo. Formats are completely customizable based on your needs and branding.


Your credentials will then be created on-demand, incorporating the most up-to-date information and visuals.

We can also help you include up-to-date bio slides into your pitchbooks

Manage tombstone data easily via a centralized source

Has a recent deal closed? Admins can update their tombstone database within seconds. All transaction history will be stored, updated and maintained in a central Excel file and image folder. Rest assured that teams are inserting consistent, accurate tombstones into their pitchbooks or proposals.


Plug the Dynamic Tombstone Library onto your existing deal database or CRM. Ask us for our ever-growing list of integrations.

Even your most complex needs are taken care of

Need a different tombstone shape for a particular deal type? Or, want to customize user editing access? Our team will ensure that your Dynamic Tombstone Library handles all complex logic with ease.


Your custom tombstone generator will cater to all deal types and user variations from day one; then, moving forward, your administrators will have full autonomy!

“Our bankers used to spend hours sourcing or creating tombstones, then liaising with marketing to check their accuracy. Now, they are confident that all updated, brand-compliant content is in the centralized Dynamic Tombstone Library, so they can pull together quality pitch decks much faster.”

Joanna Osborne
Head of Marketing, Singer Capital Markets

“Our teams can quickly select up-to-date corporate slides from the Library, then filter and insert perfectly formatted tombstones to showcase our credentials.”

Richard Ellis
Director, Clearwater International

“UpSlide allows us to focus on the most important parts of our jobs. It runs seamlessly in the background and is intuitive to use. UpSlide is so integrated into our processes now that you forget it’s even an add-in!”

Aakash Kotak

Executive, Campbell Lutyens

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