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Meridian Capital cuts pitch creation time by 75% with UpSlide

How Meridian Capital produces high-quality deliverables and boosts productivity with UpSlide.


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To ensure teams are efficient when creating customized deliverables by giving them easy access to high-quality, standardized materials and productivity tools.

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UpSlide has enabled us to improve consistency, efficiency and quality across multiple levels within our firm.

We’ve had the tool for 7 years now and we’re still astounded by how much value our whole team continues to gain from it.

Brian Murphy, Meridian Capital

Brian Murphy

President and Managing Director


Meridian Capital serves as a trusted advisor to business owners on corporate finance, M&A and strategic challenges.


The firm differentiates itself through its deep industry insights, highly customized service approach and end-to-end commitment to execution.


Back in 2015, the firm became concerned that presentation creation was becoming time intensive. Therefore, they needed an all-in-one solution to help them produce customized deliverables quickly.


Meridian’s commitment to their clients meant junior staff spent too much of their time creating highly customized presentations.


The three main improvements they wanted to make were: increasing efficiency, improving brand compliance and fostering collaboration.


Having experience with Microsoft Office add-ins at previous firms, the team knew the type of tool they needed and had high expectations for the solution.

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We’ve cut the time spent on pitch creation by up to 75% by using UpSlide.


Before UpSlide, we would spend two hours creating an initial pitch. Now, we can create that same highly customized pitch in 30 minutes or less.

Benton Sturt


The UpSlide project

Meridian began using UpSlide in 2016, with the UpSlide team customizing the tool and training all users in just three weeks. “The process was simple, and our users picked up key functionality automatically,” says President and Managing Director Brian Murphy.


After a couple of years, the Meridian team needed their presentation materials revamped. After initially using a third-party design agency to create their new materials, they found these difficult to adopt. They needed a partner who truly understood their work, so they turned to UpSlide’s design team to help.


“Once we learned UpSlide had a design service, we spoke with them and could tell they really knew how to design slides that are easy to update and look beautiful.”

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Having beautifully designed slides and a tool enabling our team to make quick and easy use of them is invaluable for us.

Brian Murphy

President and Managing Director



Slide Check is great; our projects have multiple contributors so there can be variations in formatting.


Once a check is run, we catch all unnecessary errors, allowing us to collaborate effectively and remain consistent on a project.


Being able to easily integrate UpSlide into our daily work life, especially for those who find it difficult to break old habits, is game-changing.


Driving collaboration and efficiency are two key components that UpSlide brings to the table; our deliverables are now of higher quality and created much faster.


Prior to UpSlide, it was a time intensive task to search through numerous folders to find the format a Managing Director wanted. 

We’re saving a significant number of hours with the Library, as our content is now standardized and stored in a central location.

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