American Tower saves 17 hours per month with UpSlide

How American Tower’s FP&A team guarantees the quality and accuracy of their recurring reports.



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  1. To save time, remove inefficiencies and alleviate stress while building recurring reports.
  2. To guarantee the quality and accuracy of all deliverables.
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Ensuring quality control and data accuracy used to take the team hours. Now we just UpSlide our reports, giving us full peace of mind before we share to senior leadership.

Andres Carcamo Atria

Andres Carcamo Atria

Director, Corporate FP&A


American Tower is a US-based real estate investment trust that deploys and supports wireless networks in 25 countries across six continents.

Their FP&A team spend a significant amount of time in Microsoft 365 producing regular reports on earnings, forecasting, budgeting and more – most of which are between 100-200 slides.

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It’s a really intuitive tool to master, and extremely capable for the type of work the FP&A team do in PowerPoint. I’ve used other software across my career and none of them have delivered the same efficiency returns as UpSlide.

Emily Muller

Leadership Development Program

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Historically, the reporting process at American Tower was heavily manual. Employees would copy-paste key data from Excel to PowerPoint, and review documents line-by-line in print form before sharing to senior leadership.


With earnings, forecasting and budgeting reports all taking place at once, the team soon identified the risk and inefficiency of relying on this manual work, as well as the impact it was having on employee wellbeing.


Constantly faced with tight deadlines, they sought a solution to enable them to maintain both the quality and the quantity of their deliverables in PowerPoint and Excel.

Picture of Michael Bighinatti
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With the limited hours in a day and the capacity within our team, achieving our deliverables would be challenging without UpSlide.

Michael Bighinatti

FP&A Manager



Before UpSlide, report creation was stressful; we’re an FP&A team, yet we hardly had time for the “A” at all.

With UpSlide we’re able to work far more efficiently. The tool automates many of the routine tasks that would otherwise slow us down.

It’s like having the power of two extra employees on our team.


Our reports are typically sent to our senior leadership team, so data accuracy is paramount. 

The risk of human error was too high when creating them manually, which is why we turned to automation. 

When the numbers change with just minutes to a deadline, we can trust in UpSlide to keep them up-to-date for the final report.


When multiple people were producing reports without a template, our deliverables simply were not brand  consistent. 

That’s when UpSlide came in and built for us standard templates which are now distributed to groups across American Tower.  

Our reports have progressed, especially in terms of how consistent and professional they look.

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