Top Excel formulas of 2024

Tariq Sinnetamby
Content Specialist
February 9, 2024

Excel’s latest version comes with some exciting new features and enhancements.

In this blog, we’ll get to know six new Excel formulas that will help you save time in Excel, along with some useful resources to master them. From XLOOKUP to the brand-new text and array formulas, this page will give you the tools to improve your everyday life in Excel.


Excel formula showing TEXTSPLIT formula

TEXTJOIN has been around for a little while as a text-combining formula… but have you met TEXTJOIN’s new counterpart: TEXTSPLIT?

TEXTSPLIT allows you to split text into multiple columns/rows. Like TEXTJOIN, this new Excel feature uses a given delimiter (i.e. space or comma) to separate the text over the desired cells.

Get familiar with TEXTSPLIT with this helpful content:


Excel workbook showing TEXTBEFORE formula

TEXTBEFORE and TEXTAFTER are great tools if you want to extract text from the start or end of a cell. TEXTBEFORE pulls out all text that comes before a given delimiter, while TEXTAFTER does the same with text after that delimiter.

Learn how to leverage these new Excel formulas with these short blogs below:

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These new Excel features allow you to keep (TAKE) or remove (DROP) a given number of columns/rows from the start or end of an array.


Excel workbook showing CHOOSECOLS formula

These brand new Excel formulas are an easy way of extracting specific columns (CHOOSECOLS) or rows (CHOOSEROWS) from a range of datasets, whether they’re non-contiguous or right next to each other.

Check out these links to get to grips with CHOOSECOLS and CHOOSEROWS:

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Excel workbook showing VSTACK formula

VSTACK and HSTACK allow you to combine two or more sets of arrays vertically (VSTACK) or horizontally (HSTACK). Better yet, these new Excel functions even work with dynamic arrays and ranges with large source sizes!


If you’re an Excel aficionado, you must know the XLOOKUP formula. It’s been available in Office365 and Excel for web since 2020, but we still can’t get enough of this feature in 2022! XLOOKUP is a powerful look-up function that can go far beyond the limitations of VLOOKUP and the INDEX and MATCH functions.

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BONUS: Top Excel formulas videos 2024

If you prefer a video tutorial, we’ve also attached our favourite guide to new Excel formulas in 2024 here:

Thanks to Samina Ghori, you can get to grips with these new Excel functions in just 15 minutes.

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What’s your favourite new Excel function? Tell us in the comments below!

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