#HappinessAtWork by UpSlide

Lea Faust
Former Head of Marketing
June 26, 2019

We are proud to reach the 1st place in the HappyIndex®/AtWork 2019 ranking (26+ employees start-up category)! We are also ranked 2nd in the AgileIndex® (0-49 employee category). These awards mean a lot to us because they show how much our team cares about UpSlide and its core values. Indeed, excellencetrust and happiness at work are at the heart of everything we do.

So what does “happiness at work” means at UpSlide? Here are a few insights.

Human trust

When asked if they appreciate the quality of the relationships they develop at work, 100% of UpSliders answered yes. As a matter of fact, people are the first motivation factor we nurture at UpSlide. We put the individual and the relationship first, and we believe work should help everyone grow personally as well as professionally.

That is why we created a “People” department last year, in charge of providing useful tools and programs to help all the UpSliders succeed and flourish at work.

Knowledge first

93% of UpSliders are under the impression that they continually learn and progress, and see how their career path could develop in the company. At UpSlide, we really believe that knowledge and constant learning are a great source of fulfilment.

We make a point of offering everyone a training program in line with their needs and goals. For example, we implemented a few months ago our “Friday’s Knowledge” sessions: each Friday, an internal or external speaker teaches us about product, client or business matters.

Balanced work-life

According to a recent study, we would spend about 99,117 hours in our life at work. That’s a lot! and that’s why work-life balance means so much for us. We think it’s important to be happy with your work-life and to be able to remain yourself when you enter the office, each morning.

Among other things, we promote remote working and propose various activities throughout the week, to bond the teams and help us feel fulfilled all year long (fitness and yoga lessons, biannual team seminars abroad, monthly drinks and snacks each Thursday).

As a result, 98% of UpSliders are satisfied with the way they can organize their professional and personal responsibilities.

You recognize yourself in our values and want to try our recipe for happiness at work? Join us!

Lea Faust
Léa was Head of Marketing at UpSlide from 2018 to 2022. She is currently Head of Programs at Latitudes, a community of individuals and organizations whose goal is to build meaningful and responsible digital technologies.

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