The Fortune 100 Happiness Index

UpSlide’s global study shows which companies are the best places to work based on employee happiness.

Employee happiness boosts productivitycompany loyalty and reduces workplace stress. With the average person spending 90,000 hours at work in their lifetime, happiness in the world of work has never been more important.  We’ve analysed all Fortune 100 companies based on what they’re doing to make their employees happy.


The happiness index ranks the Fortune 100 companies on various factors such as work-life balance, new Glassdoor ratings, performance bonuses, diversity, and more, to determine the best companies in the world to work – based on how happy they make their employees.


There are several workplace benefits that can set companies apart, and according to the study, these major organisations are doing everything to keep their employees motivated and productive. Virginia-based investment banking company, Freddie Mac, named the best Fortune 100 in the happiness index, closely followed by Dell Technologies – both companies score highly on work-life balance and CEO ratings.

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