Outlook Signature Manager

Guarantee your entire business delivers on-brand, impactful emails with UpSlide’s Outlook Signature Manager.


Always present the correct details and relevant legal disclaimers


Maintain consistent logos, fonts and marketing banners across all emails


Efficiently manage and deploy signatures company-wide

Streamlined, standardized email signatures made easy

Make email signature management more efficient for the teams in charge, whether it’s marketing, branding or IT. That means no more off-brand signatures, deployment roadblocks or technology siloes across your whole organization.

Build impactful signatures with ease

Create flawless email signatures in minutes with our user-friendly Campaign Editor.


Customize fonts, layouts, and display information to fit your brand guidelines. Drag and drop logos and banners into your signatures without loss of quality.


Manage all signatures within a centralized platform, the UpSlide Portal, and roll out branding changes company-wide without the need for technical support.

Guarantee data and legal compliance

Ensure all employee information stays up to date by syncing Outlook Signature Manager with your company’s Azure Active Directory. Signatures will automatically refresh as Azure is updated  for example, if someone receives a promotion, moves office or changes team.


Plus, add pre-approved disclaimers to specific teams’ signatures to maintain legal and privacy compliance across all communications.

Run targeted marketing campaigns across multiple teams

Launch signature banner campaigns to segmented user groups and hyperlink to specific content to optimize conversions and track success.


Ensure clients see the most impactful and relevant content by enabling users to manage in which emails and invites to show their signature and choose from multiple signature banners from the in-app menu.

I’d always forget to change my email signature when I received a promotion or after we rebranded. With UpSlide, I now feel confident that my email signature is always up-to-date!

Corentin Bedetti

Director, F31

Say goodbye to siloed technology

A consolidated tech stack is the first step towards increased efficiency across your business. UpSlide is the one-stop solution for your branding and productivity needs in Microsoft 365.

As a Microsoft Solutions Partner with over 12 years of experience, our software seamlessly integrates across Microsoft 365, helping you save up to 33h per month in Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel, Word and Power BI.

Our expertise across Microsoft 365


average renewal rate



years championing efficiency in Microsoft 365


“This was the fastest and smoothest onboarding of an application that I’ve seen. This project really stands out; the team were tremendous.”

Marcin Stefański
Application Team, UniCredit

“Outlook Signature Manager has optimized email communication throughout our business. It’s allowed marketing to take the lead without relying on our IT team to roll out changes.”

Simone Lilley
Head of Marketing, UpSlide

“At DC Advisory, we are proud to be demanding in terms of the quality, accuracy and consistency of our deliverables; UpSlide is one of the solutions that helped us to achieve all this.”

Virgine Leffort

Senior IT Manager, DC Advisory

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