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How PKF, a leading accounting and advisory firm in Australia, boosts accuracy, efficiency, and consistency with UpSlide.




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To equip the Corporate Finance team with a tool that helps reduce manual tasks, increase output quality and improve brand consistency.
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It’s not just about the time saved; UpSlide allows us to maintain data integrity, as well as improve efficiency and consistency, thus making our lives easier.

Alastair Richards, PKF Australia
Alastair Richards



PKF is a top ten accounting, advisory and assurance network in Australia. Nationally, the PKF team compromises over 90 partners and 750 staff across their 12 offices. Preparing due diligence and valuation reports involves a level of manual or repetitive work which the Corporate Finance team wanted to automate.

The UpSlide project

In 2019, UpSlide was rolled out to the Corporate Finance team in Sydney, Melbourne, and Newcastle, helping them boost productivity across the team and increase the brand consistency of deliverables. The tool was customized to PKF’s needs and style guide and has become a core part of their processes.

Erin Sutton, PKF
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Our Corporate Finance teams rely on UpSlide on a daily basis, linking their Excel data to their PowerPoint reports to ensure they contain up-to-the-minute information. And what’s more, it’s easier than ever to make sure all our documents look consistent and on-brand.

Erin Sutton

Operations Manager

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Table of Contents

Previously, manually updating page numbers on the Table of Contents after changes were made to the PowerPoint deck was time-consuming.


“The Table of Contents saves us from these manual, low-value tasks as it automatically updates when sections are moved or updated.


“UpSlide reduces the time spent on formatting and allows us to focus more on the analysis and content of our reports.”

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The training by UpSlide was very helpful in showing us how to use the software. Our trainer had a good understanding of how Corporate Finance professionals use Excel, PowerPoint, and Word, and as a result, it was tailored to our needs, focusing on the functionality we would be using.



“Before UpSlide, everything was done manually. A single report could contain many tables, graphs, and data points that would require checking to ensure the most up-to-date information had been included.

The Excel to PowerPoint Link now updates these data points automatically, meaning we can be confident that the right data is in the right places.”


“The fact that we can update all the linked data in a single click also streamlines the report creation process, especially when it involves a lot of data.

The Content Library also saves time by allowing us to access the templates we need within Microsoft Office.”


“While the automated formatting of tables is great, the ability to format the line styles and numbers according to our branding and specific needs is very helpful.

UpSlide makes it easier to maintain consistency between different reports.”

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