Colliers saves its employees 26h+ per month on report creation

How global real estate and investment management firm Colliers boosts efficiency and remains brand complaint with UpSlide.




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To eliminate repetitive, manual tasks involved in creating and updating reports, so teams can produce more impactful deliverables in less time.

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Using UpSlide enables Colliers to create quality valuation reports in a timely manner, allowing us to focus more on our business and clients’ needs. Now we can produce even more reports, which ultimately helps increase revenue.

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Jennifer Bailey

Operations Manager, Valuation & Advisory Services


Colliers is a global real estate and investment management firm with over 18,000 professionals operating in 66 countries.


Colliers Valuation & Advisory team provides valuation reports to a large number of financial institutions, private sector and government clients. The manual process of updating figures throughout these reports made it difficult to meet strict deadlines. 


In 2018 Colliers turned to UpSlide to help ensure that valuation reports were accurateon-brand and produced efficiently.

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The time saved with UpSlide is immense, on average it’s in excess of six hours per report we create. Colliers creates and issues over 500 valuation reports nationally per quarter, so the value-add for our business is unbelievable.

Jennifer Bailey

Operations Manager


Producing high-quality valuation reports within strict deadlines was one of the main challenges for Colliers. These reports, which are produced in Microsoft Word, can range between 10 to 100 pages.


Keeping the wealth of financial data up-to-date took a significant amount of the valuers’ time. Additionally, the team wanted to reduce the potential for human error as a result of manual data input.


Furthermore, finding relevant content for reports – such as commentaries and disclaimers – as well as ensuring reports were brand-compliant, presented an additional challenge for teams.

The UpSlide project

Following a successful roll-out to 80+ users in Australia, UpSlide has since expanded to Colliers’ China office. To guarantee the success of the project, UpSlide specialists worked closely with Colliers to ensure the tool was customised to their needs and that users were successfully onboarded.


“The communication between UpSlide and Colliers has always been seamless. The support team is phenomenal – they provide solutions to our queries in a fast, intuitive manner to ensure that we do not face disruptions to our work.”

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Our Valuation & Advisory team has embraced the UpSlide platform. It has become an invaluable tool for our operators and administrative staff alike. Throughout my career in valuations, I’ve never found a more user-friendly, robust platform.

Jennifer Bailey

Operations Manager

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“Before UpSlide, our operators would spend considerable time searching through folders to find market and economic commentaries or legal disclaimers for their report.


Thanks to UpSlide’s Content Library, this process has been streamlined and our teams can access on-brand materials within a few clicks in Microsoft Word.”

Brand compliance

“The Smart Format tool has been key in empowering teams to create brand-compliant reports, quickly and easily.


Before UpSlide, we’d have to painstakingly update graphs and tables to comply with our brand guidelines. With UpSlide, we can apply our brand formatting to any graph or table with a single click. I love it!”


“On average, our valuation reports contain between 50-400 links. Previously, if we changed a single figure in our valuation model we would have had to manually update all the data affected by that one change. 


With UpSlide’s Excel to Word Link, data changes can be automatically amended with one click, saving us valuable time and reducing the risk of human input error.”

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