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BNP Paribas accelerates its digitalization with UpSlide

How BNP Paribas CIB equips its teams with supercharged tools to boost productivity in Microsoft 365.






years with UpSlide

Most used features


To enable teams to save time by automating heavily manual tasks, plus improve the quality and consistency of customer deliverables.

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Today, we spend too much time on low value-added tasks. Tomorrow’s bankers need supercharged tools like UpSlide to increase productivity. The key to success is knowing the right tools.

Julien Polenne

Head of IB Transformation, CIB EMEA


BNP Paribas Corporate and Institutional Banking (CIB) is a leading global financial services firm, providing solutions in capital markets, securities services, advisory, finance and treasury.


For several years, BNP Paribas CIB has accelerated its transformation through a series of initiatives aimed at consolidating its investment banking model.


As such, the project management team approves an initiative portfolio focused on several priority areas: organization, processes, corporate culture, and, last but not least, tools.

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UpSlide is mainly designed for teams who frequently use the Microsoft Office suite, and in particular investment banking teams. Most of their time focuses on creating PowerPoint presentations featuring complex Excel models. The business management teams, working on reporting, are also keen users.

Julien Polenne

Head of IB Transformation


One particular initiative was designed with a focus on digital tool industrialization.



The first task was to anticipate changes in the market whilst capitalizing on internal best practices. UpSlide, the software used by the M&A teams for almost eight years, quickly became the most relevant and effective solution with large-scale potential for preparing marketing and sales documentation.



The tool was also used to ensure a consistent visual identity and uniform best practices with respect to EMEA teams. More specifically, teams used the templates available for PowerPoint, Excel and Word.


The UpSlide project

“Deployment was fast, targeting a considerable number of users. UpSlide provided support on technical issues, communication and training.


Our new corporate identity was directly integrated into the tool. What’s more, we used the opportunity to significantly upscale content available to all our employees via the Library.


The project was a resounding success for teams discovering the tool as well as second-time users, thanks to repurposed content and a new visual identity.”

Visual of a DCF analysis taking place on a PowerPoint slide
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UpSlide fulfills both our requirements: leveraging our tools to work faster with scarce resources, and deploying a single template used by all teams to create an impactful pitch culture.



The new template not only produces consistent deliverables, but also boosts team performance and enhances our documentation.

Overall, the solution delivers a stronger impact on our customers.


Our resources are valuable but scarce. We need to preserve them to avoid wasting time on low value-added tasks.

With UpSlide, our teams can focus on core business. Ultimately, this improves the quality of our customer deliverables.


The teams focused their energies on the Content Library feature in an endeavor to share knowledge across the board.

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