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Chloe Stevens
Senior Content Manager
February 15, 2023

Financial and professional services firms rely heavily on their front-line teams to create impactful pitchbooks that win new business. To do so, teams must be able to easily source up-to-date slide decks, tombstones and bios throughout the document generation process.

Historically, this has been a challenge for teams in enterprise organizations. With hundreds of data points and assets to sift through and format, creating compelling documents can be a tedious, error-prone process.

As a matter of fact, employees struggling to locate and retrieve the information they need to produce effective documents is costing enterprise organizations up to $2.5 million per year.

This is without factoring in the time it takes for administrators to manage and share content.

So how can businesses streamline content management and distribution, making life easier for the front-line teams and administrators?

The answer: UpSlide x Pitchly.

How UpSlide and Pitchly work together

Pitchly’s Data Enablement Platform allows administrators to easily manage data-driven content like tombstones and bios.

Whenever content needs updating, they can issue all changes via a user-friendly, centralized data source and quickly distribute the updates to the entire organization.

Front-line teams can export these images from the central hub and add them to their website or PowerPoint materials.

So where do we come into the picture?

UpSlide, the leading document automation solution for Microsoft Office, enables teams to source, insert and format the latest, accurate tombstones and bios without leaving PowerPoint.

Front-line teams face zero disruptions to their workflow, saving up to seven hours each month on document generation.

Why should you use UpSlide and Pitchly?

The benefits of using UpSlide and Pitchly together are:

1. Managing data-driven content from a central location

With Pitchly, administrators can save hours each week when managing data by updating an easy-to-use central source instead of large CSV files.

2. Streamlining employee workflows

With UpSlide, client-facing teams will cut pitchbook or proposal creation time in half, removing the need to leave Microsoft Office to source, insert or arrange tombstones and bios.

3. Ensuring brand consistency and accuracy

Each team can be confident that customized content (like tombstones and bios) is up-to-date and compliant across their Microsoft Office suite and website.

With this new partnership, enterprise organizations can enjoy more efficient data management processes for their administrators, and easier content sourcing for their teams.

Improving user experience with UpSlide and Pitchly

Users that integrate UpSlide and Pitchly can do the following:

  • Centralize and manage all content-related data points
  • Create real-time, brand-approved assets within PowerPoint that highlight team and deal history
  • Access up-to-date tombstones and bios without leaving Microsoft Office
  • Avoid disruptions to workflows
  • Save time and improve overall efficiency and compliance

The UpSlide and Pitchly partnership will free up time for both administrators and users. It enables them to focus on work that truly matters instead of managing data distribution and sourcing relevant content.

Reed Carpenter

Head of Business Development, US

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Chloe Stevens
Chloe is a Senior Content and Social Media Manager with five years of experience in the finance and technology industries. She has a keen interest in writing about brand management and the different technologies that can improve the way we work.

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