BDA Partners saves its employees 21h+ per month in Excel and PowerPoint

How global investment banking advisor, BDA Partners, provides teams with the tools to deliver high-quality output in less time.




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To provide global teams with the tools to deliver high-quality output in less time, enabling them to focus on the more enjoyable parts of their job.

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This is the best all-in-one tool on the market for increasing productivity and enabling bankers to produce higher quality presentations more efficiently.

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BDA Partners is the leading global investment banking advisor for Asia, with over 100 bankers across nine global offices.


The majority of M&A transactions that BDA Partners advise on are cross-border. For senior management, ensuring client presentations are high quality and created efficiently is vital. For junior bankers, having the tools to collaborate well across teams and geographies is key to achieving this.

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UpSlide has been useful in saving everyone’s time. Having access to standardized templates and a centralized content library has helped us collaborate better – especially on cross-border projects.

Yuiko Kawabata

Operations Lead

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The UpSlide project

In 2020, UpSlide was rolled out to over 100 users across BDA Partners to boost collaboration and consistency in their deliverables. The tool was customised to their needs and style guide, and has integrated well alongside their internal initiatives.


“UpSlide’s support function has been so helpful – they respond within the day and the query will be raised to their development team for any further solutions required. That behind-the-scenes service from UpSlide is a great part of their offering.”

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Our junior analysts can source banker credentials and tombstones much faster with UpSlide. They no longer need to waste time formatting slides, enabling them to spend time on the more interesting parts of their job, like data analysis and interactions with investors.

Ruari Sinclair

Vice President

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“A huge amount of bankers’ time, whether they’re interns, Analysts, Associates or VPs, is spent creating presentations, pitchbooks, and IMs.

Using the Excel to PowerPoint Link to update all data with one click has streamlined this creation process and made it easier to meet strict deadlines.”


“Before UpSlide, we couldn’t guarantee that materials produced by different offices would have the same look and feel.


Now, we can be assured that every deliverable, regardless of geography or team, will be uniform and brand-compliant.”


“There are always expectations for high-quality output in our work.


UpSlide’s Content Library helps junior bankers find the ‘latest and greatest’ best-practice templates from within PowerPoint, to ensure this level of quality is maintained across all deliverables.”

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